Okay, so in the middle of two weeks off work (one of which I’m spending in bed with my wisdom teeth out) and I decided that now was the time, if any, to download the free WoW trial.  Surprise surprise, it’s just as entertaining as people claim it is.

Obviously, since I started with a 1st-level character, there wasn’t much to do.  But the couple of “go here, kill X monsters” missions up front weren’t that bad.  They got me familiar with the area and gameplay, and didn’t take too long to complete.  A few levels (about 2 hours) later, I was sent to a small town, walking distance away, for my next quest.

As I walk in, the first thing I notice is the much larger number of Player Characters running around this town.  Obviously this is the real starting point so many games introduce you to so you don’t embarrass yourself while you’re learning to beat deer to death with a stick and shoot fireballs at rabbits without setting the forest alight.  The second thing I noticed was the circle of twenty players around two duelling 80th-level Player Characters in the middle of town.  I walked up, watched the fighting, the virtual applause and fell in love.  Nobody told me about something this cool in WoW.

Of course that doesn’t mean I’m actually buying the game.  Heavens no.  I’m about to start CIT, and squeeze a job, a girlfriend and at least two paper RPGs around it.  Maybe then we’ll see if I have the money and time then.

Plus I just bought Manhunt.