Free Money

February 7, 2010

Damn.  Well, this is old news, but it’s news nonetheless.  Good Games in Lanyon had a midnight Prerelease on Friday 29th, making Jacob, Stevie and I (plus everyone else in the store) some of the first people in the world to open up the new set.

Went 0-4.  That’s zero rounds won, four losses.  I repeat: Damn.  I didn’t even get anything useful for my fledgling deck.  I did however, get one of these:

To the Magic: the Gathering plebs out there, this is a utility card that searches out other utility cards.  It doesn’t seem like much, but if MtG were the Sims, this card would be the equivalent of the free money cheat.  I could rant about how ridiculously expensive cards like this are ruining the chances of anyone like my brother and I, who don’t sink their entire income into the game, in even semi-competitive play, but I have an agent who fixes this problem for me.

My wonderful soon-to-be-step-brother Jacob.  He and I have an arrangement – he takes my cards and trades them in the Magic Market he is so involved in, gets me the stuff I need for my deck and in the process manages to get cards for himself.  He’s like some kind of uber-geek investment banker.

Best.  Idea.  Ever.  It means I can let Jacob do all the work of actually constructing my deck while I spend my time having sex with my girlfriend.  Priorities, people.