Manga Overview: Bakuman

February 5, 2010

I’m going to blog today about Bakuman, currently one of my favourite mangas of all time. I know it sounds stupid, but it’s a manga about mangakas (artists) trying to get published in Shonen Jump, the same magazine where Bakuman is published in the real world. Unfortunately it doesn’t go the existential route and have the characters competing with the manga depicting their efforts to become manga superstars and compete with the manga depicting their efforts to…

On second thought, that might have made the whole thing a little too complicated.

Bakuman is written and drawn by the same duo that did Death Note, and if you’re familiar with the series, you’ll understand just what I mean when I say that Bakuman is a talky manga. It’s really not like they could squeeze in a few random battle sequences, so the manga maintains its popularity by being genuinely interesting and fun to read. And also by being a bit of a mindfuck at times.

The two main characters (one writes the mangas and one draws them… just like the authors) are supported by a plethora of similarly aged competing mangakas with their own personalities, looks and writing styles. While we only see passing moments of the characters’ mangas, the references to each character by their manga and the parallels drawn with other mangas running in Jump make for an excellent distinction between the characters.

Clicky on the piccie for a linkie to, an awesome free scanlation site. Also, read Right-to-Left, Top-to-Bottom.

And on that note, I’m going to the gym.